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4 Tips to Take Better Care of Your Hair

Every woman faces the same eternal questions on a daily basis – “Should I spray my hair or shouldn’t I, should I use a conditioner or not, is there any way this shampoo is messing up my hair, does this look good?” We always end up asking our mothers, or female friends or our stylists, yet we receive different information, confusing us even more on the topic.

Begin Taking Action

Taking the first step to choosing the appropriate hair treatment for you comes down to understanding your diet. Indeed, an odd fact. Your hair consists of protein and iron. On a different note, your hair is made up of the fastest growing cells in your body, which means that they will be greatly influenced by the food you eat on a daily basis. A healthy, balanced diet will make sure that you won’t develop an iron deficiency, not to mention that your hair trouble will be the least of your issues in that scenario. Foods such as fish, seeds, soya beans, vegetables, and cereals are quite rich in iron and would be able to deliver the twelve milligrams of iron required by the body on a daily basis.


Your diet poses a significant influence on your hair, but you must be eager to find out about the main tips so let’s get stuck in:

1. Don’t panic if you have a pile of hair on your comb, scientific research has shown that up to 150 strands of hair loss per day is absolutely natural for women. While we are on the topic of using a hair-comb, be certain to be extremely careful when using it on your hair after taking a bath, or whenever your hair is humid, as wetness makes your hair fragile. A general advice would be to use a broad toothed comb, as the wet hair is quite dense.


2. The best practice to trimming your hair would be to do it every six to eight weeks so that no split end would grow out again, cutting around a bit less than a centimetre would do a perfect job.


3. Avoid washing your hair every single day. It should be a general knowledge, yet many people still do it. Furthermore, if you are using a conditioner (and we do hope you are, for your sake), make sure they are of the same brand.


4. Keeping the previous tip in mind, ALWAYS read the back end of your shampoo. Kids usually wonder why the shampoos lather the way they do and even as adults they are unaware of the reason. It’s because of sulphates. Sulphates penetrate your hair and remove all sorts of dust from it. They are also the reason your eyes sting when shampoo gets into your eyes. They could also cause irritation or hair loss in extreme cases. The moment you sense some sort of a discomfort you should change your shampoo to a sulphate-free one.

We hope that these tips will help you treat your hair better. In case that you know some other hair care tip, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments!